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All electrical equipment and components are subject to deterioration. This deterioration may be in many forms, for example, loose or corroded connections and joints, insulation resistance breakdown or worn parts. Additionally, excessive loading of electrical systems and equipment or phase imbalance of electrical systems may also lead to failure. The deterioration and excessive loading of… Read more »

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We have a new video ad to showcase our services! You can view our ad at one of the following locations! Morris Plains Liberty Gas & Convenience Store – 1799 Rt. 10 East, Morris Plains, NJ Boonton Bagels & Deli – 520 Myrtle Ave, Boonton, NJ Florham Park Bagels & Deli – 186 Columbia Turnpike,… Read more »

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To our Valued Customers – we are very proud to announce that here at Esposito’s Electric we’re celebrating our thirtieth year in business! As we look forward to the next thirty years, we reflect on years past. While we have grown as a company, we have always stayed true to our values and principles of… Read more »

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A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is the best way to stay safe when you are using electrical appliances near a water source. Electrical burns, shocks and electrocutions occur when there is an unintentional electrical path between a power source and a grounded surface. For example, your body can create a path for an electrical current… Read more »

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The weather patterns over the past few years have caused homeowner’s to look into the convenience of owning a generator. Choosing a generator, however, can be a confusing task. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a generator for your home. Does a portable generator or a standby generator better suit your needs?What generator… Read more »