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January 31, 2022

Electrical Projects DIYers Should Leave to the Professionals

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We know everyone loves a good DIY project, but when it comes to electrical work, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals. We’ve added some specific projects that we absolutely recommend calling a professional for.

Replacing Burnt Outlets

This project may not seem like a daunting task, but there are a lot of elements that can make this issue a more complex project. If an outlet is blackened, burnt, or even hot to the touch, it should not be worked on. Your best bet is to call a professional electrician who can accurately diagnose the problem and repair it properly.

Replacing Wiring

There is so much that can go wrong when trying to replace wiring at home without a professional. Faulty wiring can lead to electrical shorts that can cause a house fire. You’re better off calling your electrician to make sure everything is properly replaced, even if it seems like a simple fix.

Replacing Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring is a big fire hazard. Replacing that aluminum wiring is something you should never do on your own as it puts you and your family at risk for a house fire.

Installing New Switches

We’ve all been in a position where we noticed it may be time to install new switches. Even though this may seem to be an easy task, it is more complex than you’d think. Any time you are messing with wiring, you are at risk for injury or fires. Calling an experienced electrician is the best way to get the job done correctly.

As great as it may feel to take on a DIY project, doing electrical work without experience can be very dangerous. You are better off calling your local electrician so they can get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively! If you need assistance on projects like these, or any other home improvement projects, give Esposito’s Electric a call at 973-366-9902.

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