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August 13, 2015

Project Spotlight Keeping the Doors Open at Dunkin Donuts

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Hurricane Irene in August 2011, the infamous Halloween snowstorm of that same year, and Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 represented a disastrous time for Sam Biazzo, franchise owner of Dunkin’ Donuts in Fairfield, which suffered storm-related floods and power outages so severe that they resulted in significant store downtime. “After Sandy, we were closed for a week, which represented the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue,” Biazzo shared. As a previous customer of Esposito’s, who had installed a residential generator at his home 1-2 years earlier, Biazzo reached out to them once again in 2013 for a generator solution that would ensure uninterrupted power to his popular 4,000-square-foot store regardless of weather or utility conditions.

After a thorough onsite analysis of the store’s electrical layout and needs, “we installed a 100 kW, 3-phase Generac industrial generator, which is a highly-efficient approach to delivering electricity in a commercial setting like Dunkin’ Donuts because of the way in which it disperses the electrical load,” said Esposito’s Electric Sales Manager Craig Jones, a 39-year electrical industry veteran. “This investment will ensure that this franchise location won’t be out of business and that they’ll be making money when everyone else’s power is out.”

Since the installation was completed in the summer of 2013, Biazzi said that his new generator has been activated twice and has delivered a peace of mind that’s been priceless. While he acknowledges that it can be a sizable investment up-front, “you forget how much it costs when the power goes out – I could have bought a generator and a half with all the money I lost during our power outages,” Biazzi said. “I had shopped around to three other firms, but Esposito’s made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and their installation was very clean and professionally done,” he said. “I’m also very happy with their automatic maintenance service – all I have to do is pay the bill.”

With the possibility of future storms threatening the operation of any home or business, “we’re here to help,” Jones concluded. “It’s like an insurance policy and we have a generator for every home or store owner’s needs and budget.”

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