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June 25, 2015

Project Spotlight Helping Russo Bros. Plumbing Take Their Business to the Next Level

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Currently celebrating 61 years in business since its founding by father Michael Russo in 1954, the East Hanover-based, family-owned Russo Bros. Plumbing “has always looked for ways to honor our dad’s vision and take our business to the next level,” shared son and company Vice President Mark Russo. So when the opportunity to move to larger, cutting-edge new space in East Hanover presented itself, Russo and his brother and company President, Matt, jumped on it and contacted Pedersen Building Systems teamed with Esposito’s Electric.

At the 18,000-square-foot, a newly-constructed facility designed and built in partnership with Flanders-based Pedersen Building Systems and complete with office areas, a call center, a training center, and warehouse space for parts and equipment, “we did the entire electrical design and wiring,” shared Esposito’s Project Manager Albert Joseph. “This included the design/build layout of the entire building electrical system including, office and warehouse area lighting and power, energy saving lighting controls, site lighting, service with back-up generator designed for future solar, fire alarm, telephone and data connections, and wiring for mechanical equipment such as rooftop air conditioners, exhaust fans and heating,” he said of the six-month project which involved 2-4 Esposito’s technicians. “We set out to make it a turn-key operation for the Russo team.”

“Esposito’s Electric was part of our project from the outset,” Russo confirmed. “Albert went over all project timelines and deliverables with us and his group was easy to work with, meticulous and methodical about the design and layout, and brought great ideas to the table regarding design enhancements. Their work was also extremely neat, organized, and labeled,” he said.

“Albert has been there since the project’s inception,” agreed Ernie Pederson, owner of Pederson Building Systems, a 12-year-old firm that began evaluating space options with Russo Brothers as far back as 2008 and then delivered its design, engineering, and building expertise when construction on the selected property ultimately began in June 2014. “We were very proud to be involved in this project and were also very appreciative of Albert’s and the Esposito’s team’s flexibility in the design phase and their ability to provide options and budgets all throughout the process. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I consider Esposito one of my team members,” Pedersen said.

As the Russo Bros. team prepares to move into their new building this month, Russo is excited about what the upgrade represents for his family and their 45 employees. “When my father was alive, he had a vision that we would one day develop a state-of-the-art property for our business and that’s been our mission ever since he passed in 2011,” Russo said. “As an organization, Esposito’s is family-owned like we are and has similar values to our own, going above and beyond to satisfy its clients,” he said. “We truly appreciate their involvement in our project and feel that this building will allow us to get to the next level and someday be a 100-person company.”

“It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art building designed to support the needs of a modern business,” Joseph concluded, “and we’re excited to have supported Russo Bros. in making it happen.”

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