Safety Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

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Is there anything like Christmas lights to get you into the holiday spirit? From the tree to the front porch and fence, Christmas lights make the holiday season merry and bright.  However, Christmas lights can pose a major hazard inside and outside your home. Here’s how to prevent a potential disaster. Keep it to 3… Read more »

Staying Safe This 4th of July

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Did you know the 4th of July is one of the deadliest US holidays? It comes in just under Memorial Day, but ranks higher than Christmas and New Years Eve. Why is that? It’s simple. More people tend to be reckless when it comes to celebrating summer holidays. From drinking to accidentally electrocuting yourself in… Read more »

Staying Safe This Hurricane Season

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June is the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season which means the increased likelihood of severe weather impacting your area. It’s never a bad idea to stay ahead of the threat of potential hurricanes and make sure you and your family are prepared.  So what can you do to make sure you’re well prepared… Read more »

Extension Cord Usage: Do’s and Don’ts.

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As recent as February 12th, the Daily Record reported a Mount Olive house fire blamed on extension cord failure. The township Fire Marshall found “a freezer in the house was connected to an extension cord that failed when the demand in the wire was too great.” This is a common story with an easy fix-… Read more »