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January 25, 2024

Winter FAQs for Generator Maintenance

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The cold temperatures, snowfall, and freezing conditions can put a strain on generators, making it crucial to be well-prepared for the winter months. Stay prepared and proactive with these winter generator maintenance tips to ensure reliable power during the coldest months of the year! ❄️⚡

What generator maintenance tasks are crucial for winter operation?

Check and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, inspect spark plugs, and clean or replace air filters regularly. For more information on how we can help get your home winter-ready, feel free to give Esposito’s Electric a call at 973-366-9902.

How often should I start my generator in winter when not in use?

It’s recommended to start your generator at least once a month for about 10-15 minutes to keep the engine and battery in good condition. Regular starting helps ensure that the generator’s engine stays lubricated, prevents fuel system issues, and keeps the battery charged. Additionally, running the generator periodically allows you to identify any potential problems early on.

How do I prevent fuel from freezing in the fuel lines?

Preventing fuel from freezing in the fuel lines is crucial, especially in winter conditions! Make sure that you use a winter-grade fuel, which is designed to withstand colder temperatures. Keep the fuel tank as full as possible to minimize condensation. Adding a fuel stabilizer designed for cold weather can also help prevent fuel from freezing. Follow a regular maintenance schedule for your generator. This includes checking fuel filters and replacing them as needed. A clogged fuel filter can contribute to fuel flow issues.

Always refer to your generator’s user manual for specific recommendations and guidelines. If you’re unsure, consult Esposito’s for advice tailored to your generator model and the local climate conditions.

How do I protect my generator from ice buildup?

If possible, place your generator in a sheltered location to reduce its exposure to snow and freezing rain. Regularly remove any ice or snow accumulation on and around the generator to ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating. Use a gentle approach, such as a soft brush, to avoid damaging components.

For more information on Esposito’s generator monitoring programs and cold weather kits, or want to schedule a service appointment, call us at (973) 366-9902.

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