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April 23, 2015

Thermal Imaging for Electrical Safety

All electrical equipment and components are subject to deterioration. This deterioration may be in many forms, for example, loose or corroded connections and joints, insulation resistance breakdown or worn parts.

Additionally, excessive loading of electrical systems and equipment or phase imbalance of electrical systems may also lead to failure. The deterioration and excessive loading of electrical systems and equipment is not always apparent or detected by conventional checks such as routine maintenance or periodic test and inspection. However, when energized and under load, these faults can become clearly visible with the aid of thermal imaging.

In many cases this allows for instant fault diagnosis and eliminates the possibility of electrical fires and emergencies. Esposito’s Electric can identify the problem areas and provide the necessary solutions and remedial action.

Thermal imaging is ideal for:

Electrical Safety

  • Identifies overloaded circuits, loose/corroded connections and failing breakers in electrical panels
  • Identifies blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalance and harmonics problems
  • Identifies hot spots from high resistance connections

Energy Efficiency

  • Identifies inefficient heating and cooling transfer
  • Identifies draft sources from missing insulation in rafters/walls/floors
  • Identification of problem areas helps reduce heat gain/loss and carbon footprint

Preventative Maintenance

  • Identifies equipment efficiencies/inefficiencies
  • Applications include motors, pumps, boilers, heaters, radiators, chillers and transformers

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