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June 14, 2017

Project Spotlight: Esposito’s Puts the ‘Service’ in an Extensive Service Replacement in Randolph

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New Service at Beta Realty in Randolph

“This project was very involved and not something you’d tackle every day,” confirmed Esposito’s Project Manager Albert Joseph of Esposito’s recent award-winning work upgrading the electrical service, installing separate metering, and overhauling the distribution system at the 450,000-square-foot ‘Beta Building 5’ in Randolph while ensuring no disruption to operations for the facility’s 14 tenants.

Owned by Rubenstein Properties/Beta Realty Group, the over 60-year-old facility, which provides primarily manufacturing, warehouse, and office space for its tenants, contained outdated electrical service. Based on its 20-year-long relationship serving the building, the Esposito’s team was brought in to oversee electrical work on the extensive project, which began in September 2014 and was completed in March 2015.

“Many months of work and planning and many miles of wire were required to accomplish this task and the end result consists of new metering for each tenant service that now comes from the utility company and is no longer the responsibility of the building owner,” shared Joseph, whose team replaced incoming power to the facility during weekdays and completed tie-ins on weekends to avoid further disruption to tenants.

According to Mark Bobb, Beta Realty Group Project Manager, the project allowed the property owner to achieve its prescribed goal of “enhancing the reliability of the electric service for the building as well as eliminating the cumbersome sub-metering and tenant billing recovery arrangement.”

Against a very challenging timeline, “the staff of Esposito’s was amazing,” shared Rey Mercado, Director of operations for Beta Realty. “Their staff worked flawlessly with the power company, all outside contractors, engineers, and most importantly our tenants, spending days in tenant’s spaces running miles of conduit and wire with minimal interruption to the business.”

Bobb agreed. “While this project had very aggressive and specific deadlines, the Esposito’s team’s high standard of preplanning, scheduling procedures, workmanship, and coordination with and careful consideration of others involved allowed us to complete the project on time and on budget with minimal inconvenience to the tenants,” Bobb said. “Kudos to the Esposito’s team for helping to make this project a resounding success!”

“Building 5’s many tenants can now enjoy electrical service that’s more reliable than ever before,” Joseph said. “Our team worked together seamlessly to achieve smooth, accurate, and successful results and we’re delighted with the way the project turned out. We also applaud the Beta team for the initiative they took to drive this project in the first place – we truly appreciate the way they’ve always trusted and believed in us and are very proud of the strong partnership we’ve forged.”

Confirming their trust in the Esposito’s team, “we’ve used Esposito’s in the past and will continue to use them in the future,” Mercado concluded.

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