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February 24, 2023

LEDs Light the Way to Cost Savings and Better Lighting

With both homeowners and business owners always on the lookout for ways to improve lighting quality while reducing energy costs and maintenance concerns, Esposito’s encourages customers to consider an upgrade to LED lighting.

“We’ve been doing a ton of LED retrofits for customers,” confirmed Esposito’s Service Dispatcher Jared Guyre. “The great news is that there’s an LED replacement for most every type of lamp these days – from recessed cans to chandeliers, wall sconces, low-voltage lighting, undercabinet lighting, and more.”

According to Guyre, homeowners get frustrated by having to replace their ‘conventional’ incandescent or halogen bulbs 1-2 times per year based on their short lifespan, “but LEDs can last 10,000 hours or more, which could theoretically equate to 10 years of life based on the normal hours of lighting usage in the average home annually,” he said. “Thanks to their long life, LEDs can save money and time, especially in high-ceiling applications where you might need to pay a contractor to replace bulbs or where you might opt to do it yourself with a long-arm device, which can be a struggle to use and can damage or break the bulb in the socket.” In these and all situations, he noted, LEDs are also optimal because they don’t throw off as much heat as conventional incandescent technology and are available in a range of color temperatures that mimic the familiar ‘warm’ or ‘soft white’ characteristics of traditional incandescent bulbs.

In commercial applications, “the savings generated by LED bulbs pay for themselves quickly, especially for companies who are upgrading from fluorescent lighting driven by electronic ballasts,” Guyre said. “In addition, LEDs maintain their lighting levels over their lifetime and don’t suffer from ‘lumen depreciation’ like their fluorescent and HID/metal halide counterparts.” Certain LEDs may also be eligible for product rebates from the local utility company.

Overall, “LEDs are here to stay and are becoming more and more standard, as are lighting controls,” said Guyre, who noted that not all LED trims and bulbs are compatible with standard dimmers, so it can be beneficial to consider a dimmer upgrade as well – or to reach out to the experts at Esposito’s to help oversee an LED upgrade professionally. “The cost of LED lighting has come down significantly and it makes sense to invest in this technology now and reap the benefits,” Guyre concluded. “An LED upgrade will definitely pay itself back.”

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