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September 22, 2015

De-Ice Cables Help Avoid Leaky Roof Issues This Winter

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Homeowners are no strangers to one of the worst culprits of winter — snow on the roof that melts when the sun hits it, creating ice dams. “This build-up of ice can damage gutters, create leaks through the roof, and ruin the contents of a home, not to mention saddling the homeowner with the cost and burden of getting a contractor out to put up new sheetrock, repaint the walls or ceiling, and deal with water remediation, which can promote the growth of mold if left untreated,” shared Esposito’s Project Manager Mike Esposito.

Thanks to ADKS De-Icing Kits from Emerson Industrial Automation, however, homeowners can minimize the likelihood of this unfortunate winter occurrence. “It’s a simple system involving a single self-regulating heat cable that we install in a zig-zag pattern three feet up the roof surface from the edge of the roof,” explained Esposito. “The cable is attached using unobtrusive shingle clips that blend into the shingles, so no drilling into the roof is required, and the cable can also be run down through the gutter to provide double melting action.” Esposito said that the system is usually controlled by the homeowner via an easy-to-use switch or timer clock, though an automatic De-Icing Control System is also available.

“The installation of De-Icing Kits is becoming very popular, especially after the cold and snow we experienced here last winter,” Esposito said of the service that they recommend homeowners undertake in the fall or spring. “Our team will come out and do an estimate based on a home’s linear roof length and the layout and installation is usually completed within one day.”

“It’s a preventative maintenance measure that can save you a lot in the long run,” he concluded. “The cost will pay for itself and help keep you headache-free.”

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