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The first week of May is National Safety Stand-Down, an annual event created to raise awareness about the hazards of falls, which are the leading cause of death for construction employees. The goal of the Safety Stand-Down is to encourage companies to take a break from work and discuss fall safety and prevention with their employees.

At Esposito Electric, Safety Manager Alfredo Mendoza takes fall safety and prevention seriously. With years of experience in the industry, Alfredo has made fall safety and prevention a top priority for his team, working tirelessly to create a culture of safety within the organization.

Recently, he had the pleasure of being spotlighted by the NJ-IEC (New Jersey Independent Electrical Contractors Association) for his commitment to safety on the job site.

“We review fall-safety frequently and make it a priority with new team members but it doesn’t mean anything unless you have the right equipment and use it properly. We ensure everyone is provided with safety equipment and knows how to use it.”

Alfredo Mendoza, Safety Manager – Esposito’s Electric

“We are a team and to be our best I ask that everyone always analyze their job site or situation and assess what could be the potential hazards. Dangerous falls can occur at even 4-5 feet off the ground.”

Alfredo Mendoza, Safety Manager – Esposito’s Electric

Falls are a serious risk for anyone working at height, and the risk is even greater for those working in the construction industry. That’s why it’s so important for companies to participate in events like the Safety Stand-Down. By taking the time to educate employees about fall prevention, companies can help prevent accidents and keep their workers safe.

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